#031 - Jaunt Forma - Monica Ramos

160 EUR

Watercolours on paper
Signed by the artist.
± 15 x 21 cm (unframed)

 A little word from Monica Ramos:

"Growing up in Manila, a city not known for architectural feats, I always feel drawn to places with impressive and distinctive buildings. I wanted to see Jaipur, the Pink City, in the hopes of living out some romanticized travel fantasy. At times it was tough being a solo female traveller in India. You get a lot of stares and people take advantage when they know you're not from around there.

I loved getting lost in the forts at the outskirts of the city and wandering around the markets in the old part of town. I was especially taken by the patterns that I saw everywhere, florals block printed onto bed sheets, mosaics made out of mirrors, muqarnas carved into ceilings, lattice screens made of sandstone, arched windows, handprinted blue ties. I admired both the order and the chaos. I also went to a block printing workshop in Bagru, a small town known for its textile printing, to try to learn a new skill that I could incorporate into this project for The Jaunt. It was inspiring to see all the different motifs of the Bagru textiles.

When I got back to New York, I bought a book about Islamic art and architecture, in an attempt to teach myself the basics of geometric art. The resulting paintings strayed from the rigid and precise tradition, but are a mix of a systematic approach to painting in a grid and my impressions of the city.