#037 - Merijn Hos

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Hand painted and hand cut wooden sculpture
34x21x4cm / 465 gram
Edition of 35
(each piece is hand painted, so each piece is unique and might slightly differ from the sculpture in the photo)

A little word from Merijn Hos
“The main reason for my trip to Sante Fe was the International Folk Art Museum, and the Alexander Girard wing in particular. As soon as I entered I could not stop smiling, it was so beautiful and overwhelming.
Everything fits together so well. Pieces that he and his wife collected from all over the world mixed together in one large space. No descriptions next to the pieces, I loved that.

I wanted to keep the beautiful Girad installation in my mind forever, so I went back to visit the museum for the second time. When I arrived at the Museum I was pleasantly surprised that one of the people at the front desk introduced me to the curator of the collection. She gave me a tour of the depot, in which all of the 96.000 pieces are stored. She showed me some very special pieces that Alexander Girard collected and anniversary gifts that he made each year for his wife and so many other things. After this immense experience, I walked once more through the Girard wing with a big smile and knew it was time to go home.

For the Jaunt Forma sculptures, I wanted to combine my love for Alexander Girard and the colours and shapes of Santa Fe. The head resembles the sun, always high above the desert and also a symbol that Girard uses a lot. The figure has a bow tie, which is also a reference to a Mojave pattern. The neck of the piece represents the sky while the base of the piece reflects the earth tones of the Adobe houses. Combining the spirit of Sante Fe into one comprehensive tangible object.”