#040 - Hense - First edition

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50 x 70 cm
300 grams Somerset Satin

2 colour screenprint
50, signed and numbered by the artist

A little word from Hense

"I have travelled to a lot of other European countries but I wasn’t really sure what to expect of Ireland. I had seen some beautiful photographs of the Irish countryside and landscapes, but seeing things in person is always a completely different experience. I was really impressed with the rich history that exists in Ireland both in the cities and out in the more rural areas. I have a huge appreciation for older structures and some of the castles and ruins were really inspiring to see in person. I also enjoyed seeing the small towns and being able to drive through such vast landscapes.

 I was surprised by how different it was from other places I’ve visited. I think I had this impression or assumption of what to expect from Ireland but I was excited to see how different it was from the US and other countries. It’s a really unique place. Having the opportunity to see most of the Ring of Kerry was great. It was just enough time to see some great things but also wanting to go back to see more.

The print was really a product of being in the studio in a foreign place as I worked on my screen print in Dublin. I always like having a creative component to a trip and this provided the opportunity to relax, see new things and then work briefly before leaving. I think that experience inspired me because now I’m wanting to focus back on screen printing. The print was done using a combination of hand cut shapes and ink on a transparency. The black mark came out just the way I originally drew it on the transparency which was awesome to see on the paper. We ended up doing a 2 color print. I ran a few tests with 3 colors and at the end I really felt strongly about the 2 color version. I’ve also been trying to edit myself recently and use simple compositions. Sometimes stripping the image back to only the necessities can be refreshing."