#047 - Ekta

80 EUR

± 70 x 50 cm
250 grams Revive 

3 colour screenprint
Edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist
(frame not included)

A little word by Ekta:

“It's almost impossible to get a real feeling for a place in such a short time, I was only in the city for four full days. I did not do any research before the trip as I like to travel to a new place with as few expectations as possible. In the end, Lisbon proved to be a really great city to just walk around and get lost. I was not really using any maps or had any planned destinations during my trip. What I really appreciated in the city was the fact that I was able to feel totally relaxed while painting in the street. People walked past me all the time and did not even register what I was doing or asked any questions about what I was doing. I would love to Lisbon for a week of just painting.

I really liked the colours of the city and how the ambiance changed between the different neighborhoods as I was exploring the city on foot. In the end, I think the only conscious decision I made for my print was the colours. I worked in my sketchbook during my stay in Lisbon and took some shapes from there as I started to work on the print in the studio back home. I had a lot of material I could use for references but mainly I just got a lot of energy from the trip and I think that is visible in the print.”