#001 - Hedof

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1 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Unique hand finished painting  (varies per print)
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

A little word from Mike
“The thing that impressed me the most was the overall atmosphere of the city itself. The combination of colorful and magical architecture in raw nature attracts me a lot as an image-maker. The most surprising to me was all the design you see in the city. Everything looked stylish and well- designed. I entered several places like a hair salon or garden center by mistake because I thought it was a design shop.

For the print I chose to illustrate several elements of Helsinki I encountered. For example the small islands I came across on my way to Suomenlinna. A statue I've seen in the Kallio neighborhood, and the typical Finnish houses in pink, yellow or orange, which I saw a lot of.”