#003 - Saša Ostoja

80 EUR

3 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

More details:
The third trip of The Jaunt took us towards the Baltics – the country of Latvia, to be precise. We started in the capital of Riga, but didn’t stay put for long. After renting a camper it was time to hit the roads for a road trip. The country of Latvia provides an interesting backdrop with it’s recent history – just a little more then twenty years ago, Latvia was still occupied by the Soviet Union. The presence of this history is to be seen and felt throughout the country, with many deserted Soviet army bases still to be found around the country.

A little word from Saša
“The Eastern Bloc has always had a certain attraction, and I’ve hoped to experience it firsthand. It always seemed like a bleak, yet exciting part of the world, largely due to history lessons about the Cold War and James Bond movies. Driving around through Latvia gave me the best opportunity to experience the whole country. The country seems to be in a transitional period, which is visible in the stark contrast between the poor and rich neighborhoods. For example you can find a beautiful Russian church, complete with all of its golden ornamentsn in the middle of a ghetto.

For the print I created a list of moments on the road trip that I thought to be typical for Latvia. Poverty, strange architecture, beautiful nature, deserted Russian buildings and a surprising amount of young people heavily drinking, shocking me quite a bit. I tried to incorporate as many impressions as possible into the final print. Usually I take my inspiration from my own mind or through browsing for documentaries and movies on Youtube. Really going out on your own adventure, exploring the beautiful nature and really connecting with new people can’t be beaten by any digital image.”