#004 - Amanda Marie - Hand painted edition

420 EUR

Hand painted edition by Amanda Marie
Stencil and spray paint on on top of Amanda Marie's Jaunt print.
Available in an edition 6
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

More details:
Scotland, the land of bagpipes, gingers and lake monsters. The land where the price of a castle is the same as a New York apartment. And the land that Amanda Marie traveled to on her trip to Glasgow. Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland, is an industry city by heart but one with a modern and cultural pulse. Surrounded by a beautiful and wild nature the highlands and lakes around Scotland were best described by Amanda Marie as a stone cold beauty.

A little word from Amanda Marie
“In the month before going to Glasgow, I visited Amsterdam, Berlin and London, which are all pretty urban landscapes. Running away to the Scottish wilderness was exactly what I needed. The landscape in Scotland is totally gorgeous with tons of waterfalls rolling over stones – and luckily I hit the country right when all the leaves were starting to change. But it was cold, very cold. Glasgow, a stone cold beauty. I never really thought about the scottish dialect before going to Scotland, but it’s so freakin’ cute. I love their little words and phrases for things, for example this wood burning stove I found, which had a cute sign saying “careful really burnie” or the fact that they call you “petal” if you’re a girl. It always gave me a smile and a good laugh.

For my screen print I wanted to portray the feeling of how it is to be in awe of the place you’re visiting. The boy and girl have a look of wonder, portraying that feeling of constantly seeing interesting things. One of the images that appears in the print is of a half sunken boat, which I saw a lot of driving around outside the city. Glasgow is like a metropolis on the edge of the wild. There is nature just minutes away.”