#012 - Second Edition - Cleon Peterson

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1 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

A little word from Cleon
"I've always wanted to visit Greece. I have studied the philosophy and literature, and last but not least I’ve been enjoying the food. In the '60's one of my favorite artists, Leonard Cohen, lived on one of the islands to find solitude and inspiration. All of these things intrigued me, and I was really looking forward to seeing it myself. Experiencing the landscape, the people, and the tangible presence of an amazing history was a great opportunity. Significant cultures rose and fell here many times over throughout times, all leaving their marks on the city and the people. All of that contrasted with the current political and economic issues, making me feel like we were in the midst of another cultural change.

For my print I've drawn a diagram of social power, playing off an old US political poster from the 20's. The top level houses the politician, the banker and the cleric, these are the people who rule and fool us. Below them is the aristocracy, these are the people who hold the wealth and continue to gain wealth and power at the expense of the classes below them. Next is the military and the police force, these men act as enforcers and keep the lower class in their place. At the bottom live the people like you and I, the exploited, the people at the mercy of the powerful. I thought this social critique mirrored what much of the world is experiencing now through economic inequality. This is what creates much of the conflict we see today.”