#016 - Cody Hudson

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4 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

A little word from Cody
“I purposely didn’t do a lot of research beforehand, as I wanted to go into my trip a little blind and really just see what happened. So many times when I’m traveling I have this strict schedule of things to do and I really wanted this trip to be on a different pace. To be honest, when I told people back home I was going to Mexico City most of them either said “It’s my favorite city in the world” or “Be careful, it’s dangerous”. What I experienced when I arrived was so much more of the positive. I walked the streets everyday for hours and let the sites, architecture and views make their impressions on me. The colors, and patterns everywhere, the sounds, the music and dancing in the park, the smells of amazing food on the streets. All of these things made a big impression on me.

When I started working on the print, my initial sketches were all referencing the rich history of fabrics and textiles, which really spoke to me. But after getting back to my studio in Chicago I really wanted the print to reflect more of my personal interpretation. So I started working on a very minimal graphic cut paper sketches of things pulled from the hundreds of photos I shot during my trip. I started with the loose blue and white tile patterns that adorn the street posts in La Condesa, I mixed in some bold stripes inspired by the backs of the food tents lining the streets and topped it off with a simple circle that not only references shapes I have been exploring for years but also brings back memories of sun shining down on my my whole trip. In the end this print is very much in line with my current body of shape based works but is also fully inspired by my time in Mexico City.”