#020 - Tim Biskup

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3 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

A little word from Tim Biskup
I expected to catch a lot of sh and drink a lot of Piña Coladas on the beach. Haha. Beyond that, I was trying not to think about it, trying to keep my mind open and take it all in. The one thing that surprised me was seeing the spirit of positivity in the Belizean people. Everyone seems so content and relaxed. I'm not sure I understand it but there is something to be learned from that. It makes me feel like I am too stressed out most of the time. Maybe I don't need to live like that?

Visually, I have this soup in my head of all the natural wonders of Belize. Fish, plants, mountains, caves, animals, bugs, signs, house. I honestly can’t think of one thing at a time. My overall feeling from the trip is a balance of joy from the people that I met and trepidation about the past. The Mayans were so crazy. They did a lot of amazing things and were so technologically advanced, but they were very violent and did a lot of scary shit. I just can’t stop thinking about all of those people that they murdered in the name of the gods. It’s got me thinking about religion a lot. People are dying every day because some psychopaths are convinced that they know the will of some invisible being. I know that’s a pretty dark view to come away with, but it’s sticking in my mind.

To be honest, the time that Nicki and I spent in the car driving around Belize meant a lot to me. Not because of the scenery, but because of what the trip inspired in us. The conversations that we had about ourselves and what everything that we saw and did meant to us. It made us closer.”