#028 - Graphic Surgery

80 EUR

3 colour, hand pulled, screen print.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
50 x 70 cm, frame not included.

A little word from Graphic Surgery 

Erris: “I simply wanted to experience the energy and really get a feel of the country. It is not much bigger than The Netherlands, so driving around was great. There’s an amazing mixture of Scandinavian and (ex) soviet culture and infrastructure. Old industrial surroundings combined with a fresh and vibrant energy. While traveling, we have always been fascinated by structures we see next to the road. Everywhere you see these typical pylons, and industrial structures. Besides that, driving out of the city, the painterly autumn colors we witnessed on the road were breathtaking.”

Gysbert: “I thought that Estonia would be more Russian or Soviet influenced than it actually is. I thought the old wooden houses similar to Scandinavian houses were a nice surprise for instance in Tartu. The Eastern Europe meets Scandinavia mix is a great combination. It was quite hard to create an artwork for the print because we had so many impressions and ideas. It gives a strange feeling to travel and become inspired, knowing something has to turn out of it. Something that captures it all. The artwork we created is generated from the electricity pylons, when driving past you see them dynamically changing lines, some of them had a perfect rhombus or lozenge shape almost cut out entirely. We tried to capture the feeling of rusty and weather steel structures that we've seen along the road by printing on brown paper. Then there is a hidden rusty brown layer behind the black that is almost not visible, but it is there.”